Sérum Perles Précieuses

Cell Energy Source - Intensive Lift - Radiance Renewer

This unique serum is the result of the development of a high-tech formula. One pressure on the pump makes the pearls full of anti-ageing peptide merge with the gel enriched with Dunaliella Salina.

The skin is regenerated, revitalised and better protected. Day after day, the skin looks transformed: the wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, the complexion glows with new-found radiance.

How to use:

Use daily or during a cure, all year round, under Crème Bonheur du Jour day cream and/or Crème Soin de la Nuit night cream.


Pump bottle 30ml

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59,00 €tax incl.

Active Ingredients

Dunaliella Salina

Protects: powerful antioxidant


Real cells booster

Enhances the original radiance of the skin

Alginate pearls

Smooth wrinkles and fine lines

New-generation anti-ageing peptide

Stimulates the fibroblasts: collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis

Improves the elasticity and the tonicity of the skin


Protect, anti-pollution shield

« Soft-focus » pigments

Immediately reflect the light, brighten the skin

  • Treats intensively against the signs of ageing
  • Immediately brings radiance and brightness to the skin
  • Technological performance: innovative formula
  • Suitable for all kinds of skin
Proven Efficiency

Profilometric measurements and clinical study stated* that after two daily applications of Sérum Perles Précieuses during 28 days, women would find their skin:

  • 95% more radiant, immediately and lastingly
  • 85% more hydrated
  • 95% firmer
  • 98% more lifted upon application
  • 90% more wrinkle-filled

100% of women recommend Sérum Perles Précieuses.

*Test carried out by an independent laboratory on a selection of 20 women

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